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Products and Services

In-JeT ApS is a private research company and a provider of Internet Based Services and Products. Our company strategy is to obtain leading technologies and knowledge from participation in international research projects together with some of the world's leading companies and universities (see our partners here), and transform this knowledge into advanced products and services for the Danish market.

Since 1998, In-JeT ApS has been engaged as concept and technology developer in Internet Based Services such as Ambient Intelligence, Cloud Technologies and Internet of Things and has extensive technical knowledge about wireless technologies, networks, semantic interoperability, web services, ontologies, and knowledge management.

Based on 10 years of participation in European research, we are now offering products and services in three important application areas:
  • Our Healthcare products include LinkWatch Telemedicine solutions with distributed telemonitoring services (Remote Patient Monitoring). Our unique LinkSmart IoT middleware offers enhanced device interoperability and self configuration for easy installation. We also offer professional services and methodologies for re-defining healthcare services, creating new care models, clinical pathways for chronical diseases, self-management and lifestyle changes. In-JeT has in-depth expertise in social, ethical and privacy needs in ICT for healthcare and our knowledge allows us to tailor our telemedicine solutions to the precise needs of the healthcare professionals and their patients.
  • For citizens and citizen engagement (eDemocracy), we offer a range of Public-i products and services. We offer webcasting from local councils and citizens meetings, citizen centric engagement portals, integration with social media, as well as ePetition systems. We also offer consulting services to local governments in the area of on-line citizen engagement, online channel strategies and integration with social media. We represent the well known Public-i Group Ltd. in the UK.
  • Internet based information infrastructures is our core technology business. We are active in areas such as energy efficient buildings, cloud-enabling technologies for physical devices and subsystems, interoperable machine-to-machine business systems, life-cycle traceability solutions. Our products consist of the amazing LinkSmart middleware; a cloud-enabling middleware for the Internet of Things (IoT), that allows developers to make cloud applications that connect to the physical world in a fraction of the normal development time. We will soon be presenting more information about LinkSmart, but please contact us if you need further information now.

In-JeT also have strong project management skills and have pioneered methodological techniques such as scenario thinking for deriving comprehensive user requirements, roadmaps, foresights and value modelling for sustainable business models. We also have Prince-2 Practitioners and ISO-9000 Quality Assessors who can secure a professional execution of projects; on-time and on-budget.

In-JeT has pioneered visionary research goals and has become a leading partner in a series of high-profile very large EU research project such as Hydra, Reaction and ebbits.

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