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Who we are

Here we are - the permanent staff of In-JeT:


Jesper Thestrup

Managing Director
Chief Technology Officer

Educational background
Jesper received his MSc. in antenna theory & radio communication from the Technical University of Denmark in 1974 and later obtained degrees in business administration from the Copenhagen Business School and INSEAD.

Professional experience
He worked for a number of years as executive manager in a globally leading medical electronics company in Denmark and in the USA. He founded In-JeT ApS in 1997 in order to pursue his personal research goals and is presently Managing Director and principal shareholder.

He has been involved in ICT programme activities for over 10 years, including eTEN, PSP-CIP, FP6 and FP7 projects. He was Technical Manager of the eu-DOMAIN project and is chief vision architect in the Hydra, Reaction and ebbits IP projects. He has done extensive work on concepts for innovative healthcare, eHealth and mHealth solutions, as well as new care models and patient empowerment.

He has authored and co-authored several papers on systems architecture and business modelling in relation to future internet based service structures.

Role in the team
Jesper�s primary responsibilities are: visions and concept development for Internet Based Services, integration of applications with user need, business modelling, and project management. He is also, much to his regret, responsible for all the nitty gritty administrative details.

phone+45 45 82 13 24


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Trine F. S�rensen

Senior Consultant

Educational background
Trine has a master degree in Gender, Culture and Modernity from the Sociology Department, Goldsmiths College, University of London. She later received a MSc. in Anthropology from Copenhagen University.

Professional experience
She has been working intensively with social and societal issues and has participated in several comparative project studies, especially in the healthcare sector. Her professional experience includes employment with governmental committees, private organisations and companies. �

She joined In-JeT in 2005 and is currently working with ethical and societal issues of ICT applications.

Role in the team
Trine�s primary responsibilities are: Ethical and societal issues, healthcare pilots coordination, and intercultural project management.�Trine was based in In-JeT�s office in Brazil.

. Her previous responsible at In-JeT was for the inCasa project (where she was chair of the Ethical Board), the MovingLife project and the BEMO-COFRA project.

phone+55 (24) 8842 1675



Louise B. Riley

Senior Consultant

Educational background
Louise has a master degree in English Literature and Arts from the University of Aarhus supplemented with a course on Information Journalism from The Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Professional experience
She has worked as a Communications and Project Officer in the information department at Odder Kommune (local government) where she managed eParticipation activities and (web-based) communication in general. She joined In-JeT in October 2009.

Role in the team
Louise�s primary responsibility is the eDemocracy domain where she advises on citizen engagement, social media, eGovernment and eParticipation. She is responsible for the Public-i webcasting activities in Denmark.

IN projects, Louise is responsible at In-JeT for the GreenCom project and was previously responsible for the Net-EUCEN project.�Moreover, she is dissemination manager in many of the other projects where she handles and coordinates the dissemination and communication activities.

phone+45 51 90 72 31



Helene Udsen

Senior Consultant

Educational background
Helene has a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a Diploma in Information and Communication Technology.

Professional experience
Helene worked as technical development manager for Akzo Chemicals Inc., USA, and as technical manager for Baxenden Scandinavia A/S. She has a strong knowledge of process flows, documentation and quality assurance in industrial manufacturing environments.

Before joining In-JeT in 2010, she worked with installation and maintenance of mission critical alarm systems and configuration management systems.

Role in the team
Helene is the leader of requirements engineering processes in several projects where she works on requirement elicitation, requirements engineering, Lessons Learned, and iterative requirements re-engineering. She is also very good at quality checking all our deliverables and at getting partners to deliver on time.

Helene is responsible at In-JeT for the REACTION project.

phone+45 41 21 11 55



Arne Kristensen

Webcasting Consultant

Educational background
Arne has a long experience with installling and managing ICT solutions and performing support services.

Role in the team
Arne is responsible for running local council meetings software and webcasting.

phone+45 20 86 14 23