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Public-i eDemocracy

Openness, dialogue and participation in the democratic process

In-JeT ApS helps local authorities transform the way in which they involve their citizens online, by providing products and services that bring openness, dialogue and participation to the democratic process.

eDemocracyWe supply webcasting for local authorities in Denmark, based on the context-rich webcasting system from Public-i Group Ltd, placed in Brighton UK. In Denmark we are known as Public-i Danmark.

We specialise in e-participation products and services for local government and support the strategic use of technology for communication and engagement. Services include contextually rich webcasting, social media tools and epetitions. We are representatives in Denmark Public-i Group Ltd. of Brighton, UK, who has worked with the public sector for 10 years with projects running all over Europe.

We offer three products for eDemocracy. Each product is offered as an all-inclusive end-to-end service thus making it extremely easy for our customers to engage their citizens in local democracy.

Public-i Connect Connect is the leading platform for webcasting from local government events such as council meetings, citizen meetings, municipal events etc. It offers high quality webcasting with full context of agenda, speaker profiles, documents, slides, geocodings, blogging and much more.

Citizenscape Citizenscape is the enhanced version of Connect. It is designed for local authorities who want to use the social web to involve citizens in the democratic process and combine existing social media activities.

ePetition Public-i’s petitioning software is designed to support the full petition lifecycle and ensures that you have the power to moderate petitions and maintain complete control over their progress.

See examples of our webcasting services for local authorities in Denmark: 

Odder Kommune: and Ballerup Kommune:

You can read more about our products for eDemocracy here at (in Danish).
The solution

Public-i Connect is a new generation of webcasting products that make it really simple to connect more people to the democratic process. It enables online citizens to watch, interact with and take part in offline meetings, consultations and events. Webcasting of formal democratic live content is a well established, proven medium.
The platform

Public-i hardware:
  • F600 Webcaster
  • Robot cameras
Public-i software: ­
  • Public-i Studio.
  • Public-i Manager
  • Public-i Mediecentre
  • Public-i Player
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