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Now for the third year in a row (2012, 2013 and 2014), In-JeT has been elected a "Gazelle enterprise" by the Danish business daily Børsen.

Every year since 1995, Børsen has identified Denmark's growth elite and the word "Gazelle" has become a synonym for a rapidly growing business.

The definition of a gazelle is a company that over the past four financial years has had continuous growth in revenues or gross profit, and as a whole has more than doubled revenue or gross profit in the period. The specific criteria are:
  • Must be a registered limited company
  • Must have min. 1 million DKK in revenues or 0.5 million DKK in gross profit
  • A minimum of four 12 months accounts must have been published
  • Turnover or gross profit shall more than doubled over the past four years