eDemocracy Projects
Posted by Admin on 27 August 2011 15:41
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In-JeT is involved in several eDemocracy deployment projects because we want to strengthen our knowledge base for the products and services we offer in the eDemocracy domain.

The main aims of our project activities are:

Below is a list of our present and past eDemocracy projects.


The NET-EUCEN project explores the effectiveness of the existing and innovative forms of eGovernment and eDemocracy service provision and user engagement by assessing sharply-focused scenarios developed by all the participants in the supply-chain from the Public Administrations to the Users. The project manages a network of experienced ICT organizations across Europe.

eu Thematic Network – Duration 3 years (2010-2013) - Read more here


eParticipate was a Initial Deployment follow-on from the very successful Market Validation of an multimedia platform that was launched in the UK, Spain, Ireland and Slovakia. eParticipate provided an open integrated standard web-based network & gateway of existing “best of breed” applications (called Public-i) to enable public bodies to implement and benefit from a range of eParticipation tools to broaden the participation of citizens in the democratic process. The outcome of the project is now being used to our commercial offering of Public-i services in Denmark.

eu eTEN – Duration 2˝ years (2007-2009) - Read more here…