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New telemedicine partner for In-JeT

In-JeT ApS has developed a front-end for remote patient monitoring (LinkWatch) which is compliant with the International Continua© Health Alliance reference architecture. With LinkWatch, various medical data can be collected automatically from patients and sent to Health Information Systems through a single home gateway.

KMD has developed an integration platform (CareConnect), which allows healthcare and social care partners to share knowledge and patient data by connecting data and processes in different parts of the healthcare system.
TeleCareLink will integrate the two solutions into a new, open, Continua© compliant telemonitoring platform that can be used across healthcare and social care organisations to provide better services for citizens, their relatives and professional carers.

In-JeT is the leading device integration partner providing the LinkWatch platform to the project. In-JeT will lead the work on establishing user needs and will integrate the needed devices into the TeleCareLink platform. We will also develop the web service interfaces to KMD CareConnect and take part in the evaluation. Finally In-JeT will undertake Continua certification of the LinkWatch platform.

You can read more about the project here.